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Warsow 1.4 *RC* released

posted by Vic

2014-03-29 17:39:54
Changelog from 1.3:

- Fixed internet ogg streams
- Fixed server crasher in reporting match results to the MM
- Fixed batched autosprite2 surfaces in wdm19 and other maps
- Demos are now GZ-compressed on the fly
- You can now copy console contents to clipboard in Linux
- Fixed fullscreen mode setting in i3, WindowMaker and possibly other X11 window managers
- Split race servers into separate tab in server browser
- Dedicated servers refresh IP addresses of master servers every 24 hours
- r_texturefilter now defaults to 4
- UI remembers last selected tab in server browser
- Other less notable changes here and there

Unified package, tar.gz (Windows + Linux)
Unified package, zip (Windows + Linux)

Warsow 1.3 *beta* released

posted by Vic

2014-03-15 21:53:17
The most significant change in this beta is the long-awaited upgrade of the PadPork model. The model was made by Matteo Pignatelli and funded by the community.

Other changes include TAB-completion for "whois" and "stats" commands + bugfixes.


Unified package, tar.gz (Windows + Linux)
Unified package, zip (Windows + Linux)

Thanks to mute for providing additional mirrors.

Warsow 1.2 *beta* released

posted by Vic

2014-03-10 23:03:46
We've decided to make another round of beta releases although there isn't going to be a few of them hopefully. Take them as release candidates, I suppose. If nothing critical emerges in 1.2b, the next release is going to be the final Point Release.

Here's a short summary changelog from 1.1b3:
- TAB-completion of player names in chat box
- CTRL+R does bash-style console commands search
- Added server new cvars to put the builtin HTTP server behind frontend/proxy server wiki
- Updated localizations
- Added cg_scoreboardMonoFontFamily cvar (used to draw weapon stats in console)
- Added 'Ranked' column to server browser
- Distinguish between left and right CTRL, ALT, SHIFT key presses (existing config binds will break)
- Right shift now defaults to team chat
- Fixed WinXP support

Unified package, tar.gz (Windows + Linux)
Unified package, zip (Windows + Linux)

Thanks to mute for providing additional mirrors.

Warsow 1.1 *beta* released!

posted by crizis

2014-02-08 18:43:07
Hello hello Warsow community!

Version 1.1 BETA introduces several improvements to the engine, renderer, gameplay, UI and maps, while also bringing additional features for map makers and SDK crafters. Complete details of the update can be read from the changelog below.

Some of the most visible and important changes are showcased in the screenshots below:

FXAA antialiasing, new wdm2, cg_gun_alpha, transparent items in warmup:

Smooth particles in action, with RL explosion:

And 1.0 screenshot for comparison:

For gameplay, the biggest change is the lack of a spiral pattern with the riotgun, otherwise weapons remain unchanged. Knockback code has been rewritten for smoother knockbacks instead of linear kicks which hopefully fixes annoyances with projectiles. New movement physics are also much closer to old movement, so the difference between old and new movement is now much smaller.

As always, all bug reports and comments are greatly appreciated.

Happy fragging!

Changelog - changes from 1.03 to 1.1:

+ Feature: added builtin HTTP server (TCP port 44444) to serve UI AJAX queries and file downloads to clients.
+ Feature: added localization support to User Interface and HUD.
+ Feature: added support for TrueType and OpenType fonts.
+ Feature: CTRL+MWHEEL up/down increases/decreases console font size.
+ Feature: added TAB-completion for "demo", "cinematic" and "exec" console commands (thanks hettoo).
- Feature: dropped support for Quake1 and Quake2 maps.
- Feature: dropped support for bitmap fonts.
+ Improvement: entities with active events use distance-based server side culling (prevents fast moving players from suddenly appearing in POV).
+ Improvement: optimized cinematics playback by offloading YCbCr->RGB color-space conversion to the GPU.
+ Improvement: domain names for master servers are resolved asynchronously at startup to prevent slow or N/A DNS servers from blocking.
+ Improvement: Linux : updated input code to use XInput2.
+ Bugfix: fixed various audio/video synchronization issues with cinematics.
+ Bugfix: force vertical synchronization during playback of fullscreen cinematics.
+ Bugfix: resampled Ogg/Vorbis sounds had the looping position set to wrong value.

+ Improvement: Revamped wdm2 visuals.
+ Bugfix: added missing clips to wbomb6.

+ Feature: moved renderer from the engine core to separate DLL.
+ Feature: rewritten rendering backend, GLSL2+-compatible.
+ Feature: GLSL shaders are now loaded from disk allowing customization and easing development.
+ Feature: added support for foliage surfaces and instanced rendering.
+ Feature: added 'soft particles' effect to explosions and halo shaders.
+ Feature: added FXAA support.
+ Feature: added RGB shadowmaps (fallback rendering path when GL_ARB_shadow extension isn't available).
+ Feature: "imagelist" and "shaderlist" console commands now accept glob pattern as an optional parameter.
- Feature: removed planar stencil shadows.
- Feature: removed bloom.
+ Improvement: Q3A shader commands previously processed on the CPU are now processed in vertex shaders on the GPU.
+ Improvement: optimized shadowmaps and changed them to use orthographic projection.
+ Improvement: added LOD support to shadowmaps (shadowmaps dynamically lower their resolution depending on the distance to the viewer).
+ Improvement: optimized VRAM footprint on modern GPUs for maps and models using half-precision floats.
+ Feature: added misc_video_speaker entity to steam synchronized samples from the nearby videomap shader with audio spatialization.
+ Feature: added func_timer entity.
+ Feature: added target_relay entity.
+ Feature: added target_delay entity.

HUD scripting:
+ Feature: new drawing commands: drawStringRepeat, drawStringRepeatConfigString
+ Feature: added new set of font commands: setFontFamily, setSpecialFontFamily, setFontSize and setFontStyle.
+ Feature: added #WEAP_INSTAGUN constant.
+ Improvement: improved scoreboard sorting (thanks hettoo).
+ Improvement: upgraded crosshair images to higher resolution (thanks adem).
- Feature: removed setFont command.
- Feature: removed %MATCH_TIME variable.

+ Feature: added callvotes menu.
+ Feature: added "Watch on TV" button to chasecam menu.
+ Feature: Added Russian, Japanese, Frensh, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian, Finnish localizations.
+ Bugfix: fixed rare crash in server browser menu.

+ Change: changed knockback from splash weapons from linear to quadratic and removed horizontal distance clamping.
+ Change: changed riotgun pattern from spiral to a more traditional one, with wider horizontal spread.
+ Feature: added cg_gun_alpha console variable to control gun opacity.
+ Feature: picked up items now leave ghost trails in warmup mode.
+ Feature: allow vote changing. The maximum number of changes is controlled with server console variable g_vote_maxchanges (thanks hettoo).
+ Feature: added opcall "specstotv" which moves spectators to connected TV servers.
+ Improvement: improved autojoin balancing (thanks hettoo).
+ Improvement: optimized AI code.
+ Improvement: default movement physics are now closer to old movement style
+ Bugfix: map rotation now considers the current map too (thanks hettoo).
+ Bugfix: maps were always missing one spawn indicator.

+ Feature: game modules are now C++ - compatible.
+ Feature: AngelScript 2.28.1 patched to support named function arguments and 'auto' keyword (patch by GGLucas).
+ Bugfix: fixed compilation with Clang.
- Improvement: C-compatibility layer removed from Angelwrap library.
+ Change: downgraded to libpng 1.2.

* 5 new songs in the soundtrack (previously featured in extended OST).


Unified package, tar.gz (Windows + Linux)
Unified package, zip (Windows + Linux)

Maintainance notice, downtime tomorrow.

posted by crizis

2014-02-06 17:35:29
Just a headsup: and associated services on the server will be unavailable tomorrow, from 07:00 CET onwards, broken disk in RAID array needs replacement.

Warsow localization pack 2

posted by Vic

2014-01-09 22:02:40
Here's the first version of the l10n pack, containing more or less complete localizations submitted so far. Localizations submitted/WIP but not included in the pack are:
- German - incomplete
- Italian - incomplete (the cgame po file was missing too many strings + they were ANSI-encoded)

I've also made .po files compatible with .poedit; it's safe to use ru.po as the source for .pot files.

Post your updated .po files in this thread but make sure your files are encoded in UTF-8 without BOM!

Updated with German l10n included.

Warsow localization pack

posted by Vic

2013-10-05 19:17:15
Hello dear Warsowians!

Please help us localize Warsow into different languages by submitting l10n packs for your native language. Here you will find an example pack for Russian language. Start by unzipping the file, then renaming the ru.po into <your-language>.po and translating strings passed to "msgstr" commands. The files need to be encoded in UTF-8.

Once all strings are localized in this manner you'll need to zip everything back and post a download link in this thread. Any offtopic posts will be removed.

All complete localizations will be included with the future versions of the game.

gl and hf!


posted by Vic

2013-09-18 23:51:25

List of fictional pigs

posted by Vic

2013-07-23 12:31:12
Jason Padpork made the list of fictional pigs in Wikipedia :D

Development updates

posted by Vic

2013-07-08 13:15:56
I'd like to highlight a few things that happened in the dev land as of lately. First of all we released the source code to our matchmaker service "Warmama" under GNU GPL. As you might know, contrary to what the name says, the service only aggregates statistics and doesn't provide any match making at all. As this seems to be quite a popular feature request this is your perfect chance to contribute something of real value to the game.

And another thing is that the engine got a builtin HTTP server to serve file downloads and "ajax" requests from clients. The later I'm planning to use for the callvotes menu. There's no proper framework for that kind of stuff yet and the callvotes system needs overhauling to support queries for possible input values so the progress on this feature is somewhat slower than anticipated. But eventually it will come together so stay tuned for more updates!


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