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Broken Servers - Admins please read here!

posted by adem

2014-06-27 08:41:14
Since we've got a lot of reports about broken textures (one, two, three), I've decided to make this topic. This problem comes from the servers which shares 1.0 modules & pk3s. It happens because of admins who installed 1.5 over 1.0.


Here is a list of such servers with admins' names:

Admin: (fixed!) [CA] FunServer by DNW [TDM] FunServer by DNW

Admin: Adhe (contacted, waiting for the fix) Tissue Box

Admin: <NA> liquorix CA / US East

Admin: <NA> warsow server

Admin: Xiodine (fixed!) :: Casual CTF Ranked :: Clan Arena wca1 :: Clan Arena wca2 :: Duel Arena 1 :: Duel Arena 2 :: Duel Arena Ranked :: Instagib :: Instagib Ranked :: Noob only Bomb & Defuse :: Noob only DM :: Noob only FFA Large :: Slide

- Admins, if you read it, please fix your servers by making clear reinstallation!

- Players, if you know those admins, please spam them to force to fix their servers.

- And let me know if you find any other broken servers.

P.S. Unfortunatly we, devs, can't fix it nor blacklist those servers.

Post links about 1.5 release here

posted by adem

2014-05-04 17:35:50

Warsow Winter Challenge 2013 (duel cup)

posted by NIVEKii

2013-11-30 17:09:53

NOTE: To celebrate and prepare for the upcoming qualifier, DTEKTtv will host a BO7 showmatch between overactive and rvg. All maps played will be in the map pool for the upcoming qualifiers. Games will start Sunday Dec 1 at 20CET. Make sure to tune in and give your feedback!

NOTE2: All information can be found on
NOTE3: Registration for Qualifier #1 is OPEN!


Duel cup.

Series of ten online cups where players can earn points. The top twelve players are then invited in a round robin tournament which will consist of two groups of six players. Each player will play all other players once. After conclusion of the group stage, the top two players of each group will advance to the tournament semi finals.


Sunday December 8, 19CET – Qualifier #1
Sunday December 15, 19CET – Qualifier #2
Wednesday December 18, 20CET – Qualifier #3
Sunday December 22, 19CET – Qualifier #4
Sunday December 29, 19CET – Qualifier #5
Wednesday January 1, 19CET – Qualifier #6 NY EDITION
Sunday January 5, 19CET – Qualifier #7
Sunday January 12, 19CET – Qualifier #8
Sunday January 19, 19CET – Qualifier #9
Sunday January 26, 19CET – Qualifier #10

Group stage
Saturday February 1, 19CET – Games 1 and 2
Sunday February 2, 19CET – Games 3 and 4
Sunday February 9, 19CET – Games 5

Saturday February 15, 20CET – Semi-finals
Sunday February 16, 20CET – Losers bracket final and grand final

**Top eight finishers will receive points for the Top 12 ranking and will be:

1st - 40 points
2nd - 25 points
3rd – 4th - 12 points
5th – 8th - 5 points

**All qualifiers will be played in a single elimination BO3 format. All group stage games will be played in a BO5 format and the finals will be played in a BO7 format.**


Guaranteed $1,000 in prize money for the top four finishers. More prizes can be announced.

1st - $500
2nd - $300
3rd - $135
4th - $65


A selection of qualifier games and group stage games will be broadcasted on our Twitch channel Make sure to hit that follow button to be notified when our stream goes live!

#dtekt at Quakenet. Pm NIVEKii.
@dtektesports at Twitter

Sourcecode Documentation

posted by VectorVanDoom

2013-09-26 03:35:52
EDIT: Deleted because 1.03 is out of date. no replacement, if anyone was using it i'm sorry, give doxygen wizard a try. meanwhile i learned ctags and cscope for the same use case.

I tried to compile Documentation with Doxygen from the 1.03 sdk
Has online code browser/search and lists callgraphs, which comes in handy at times.
e.g. you can easily see locations where console commands are added.

I spent only a few attempts at different configurations and it was some time ago. iirc i didnt manage to account for different plattform defines and hence links on different functions with equal names sometimes dont work right. [Edit: or for other reasons some handles dont get links at all and what not, its broken.]

You need to go to files list to browse the source, Data Structure Index et al only account for the ui c++ files.

edit: how do you facilitate access to new code, before you are head over into the editor of your choice, anyway? i imagine debuging is a great help, too.only

Sep 15 Wassou LAN #8 was conducted

posted by nasa

2013-09-17 02:37:54
Wassou LAN @ Japan Warsow Offline Event

Location: Tokyo Ikebukuro City, kaikatu Club

Gift: Warsow logo mouse pad (base - Aritsan Zero Xsoft )

Other gift:


Race Relay
3v3 CA
CTF:T (not choice engineer:P)

- m1KaIV Playing

- Overcaster Playing

Time to pump stuff up!

posted by Kimza

2013-09-05 13:41:52
I have been inactive here for a long time now, for those who don't know - I took over a Gym in May this year, so I have been working my butt off, and almost haven't had any sparetime at all. But I do have quite a bit of time to sit down and do stuff at the computer here at work when I don't have any clients to train. The problem have been the shitty performance of the computer, I can't even make simple brushes in radiant, which is why I have now ordered a new good computer so that I can map at work!

So now it's time for me to get on the boat again and finish all of my started mapping projects and then getting onto new ones.

The maps I will work on, in order:

wdm2 - 90% done
wdm10 - 65% done
wbomb4 - 70% done
wca3 - 60% done

Crafted Red Armour

posted by clownfart

2013-08-10 06:35:42
Now many of you probably remember my Red Armor Cake. I've had this project on the side for a long time, a 10cm version which I spilled cola on. I've re printed it at 15cm, and built it in about 5 days time (~1 hour per day).

Post your "Time played"

posted by adem

2013-07-23 13:05:50
It is about 1 year passed since Warsow 1.0 release, and would like to make a list of players with their "Time played". Just for fun :b

So please, post your uber huge times here!

01. FragHunter: 21 days , 10 hours
02. crizis: 20 days , 12 hours. (~1h 20m per day)
03. TheSince: 11 days , 18 hours.
04. FragStealer: 10 days , 18 hours.
05. adem: 10 days , 12 hours. (~40 minutes per day)
06. SoLomonK: 9 days , 3 hours.
07. CrustY: 7 days , 6 hours.
08. KeRpaL: 6 days , 23 hours.
09. tongue: 6 days , 11 hours.
10. farmup: 5 days , 23 hours!
11. XIII: 5 days , 9 hours.
12. dub: 5 days , 2 hours.
13. heretic: 3 days , 15 hours.
14. homart: 2 days , 15 hours.
15. mute: 2 days , 9 hours.
16. randzor: 2 days , 1 hours.
17. Kolari: 1 day , 7 hours.
18. clownfart: 1 day , 7 hours.
19. Vic: 8 hours.
20. hangy: 8 hours.
21. hettoo: 2 hours.
22. rorgoroth: Less than an hour. (racer/slider)
23. ...
24. ...

Where is GoReY ?

posted by dub

2013-03-22 15:02:38

Does anyone see him online recently ? (on IRC, ingame, on the forum...)

7 tips for bomb

posted by hugteddy

2013-01-09 00:20:09
Here are 7 tips for bomb. Basic knowledge you should have when you play bomb pickup imo. Things people do or do not.

1. Always call when you see bomb carrier at one site. Even if you're in a fight you need to be able to call.

2. Always hold the same defense spot, ex 2 A bombspot, 2 B bombspot and 1 middle. Don't change unless you agree with your team to switch.

3. Don't leave the spot you are holding until some one calls. The enemy team might pull off a fake.

4. If you are bomb carrier call which spot you're going to plant on. If you don't want to carry bomb, drop it before the round starts.

5. Never ever stop in chokepoints. NEVER EVER! You will just block everyone and drown your whole team in spam.

6. If you are a bad aimer and can't take anyone out by your self 9/10 times. You should never go of alone or try to back fuck people when they rotate. You will just be a free kill and useless for your team.

7. Also if you are a bad aimer, compensate this by spam and sacrificing your self for the team more. I do not mean you should skip using lg/eb/rockets. But you wont be useful at all if you just stand a whole round with eb missing 90% of your shots.

Guides that everyone who want to get better in bomb should read:
Bomb teamwork tips
Another guide of how to play Bomb & Defuse


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