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Making a few things clear

posted by Vic

2016-11-02 11:21:51

Just wanted to remind everyone once again that I'm no longer involved with Warsow nor have been for a while since I resigned six months ago or so. What was left of the development team has disintegrated and development infrastructure except for this website has been discontinued or abandoned. Please do not send me your feature requests or bug reports as I have no intention of getting back to Warsow or any other game project.


Warsow 2.1 released

posted by Vic

2016-03-28 00:34:46
Download Warsow 2.1

Happy Easter and happy new Warsow!

The next major release of Warsow introduces some significant changes to the engine along with some polish and fixes to the gameplay.

The first major change is that now the renderer is off-loaded into a separate thread, meaning that your mouse movement and networking is not affected by screen refresh rate anymore.

The second major change is that third-party maps and textures will now be sandboxed so that they can no longer override stock Warsow assets.

We have also changed path to local profile and cache on *nix systems to better follow the XDG Directory Specification. The profile path has changed from $HOME/.warsow-2.x to either follow $XDG_DATA_HOME or to $HOME/.local/share/warsow-2.x by default. The same logic applies to cache directory as well. This change also affects server configurations.

And last but not least is the major uplift that the Race game mode has received thanks to hettoo's efforts.

As usual, a fair amount of bugfixes along with mapping and modding improvements has gone into the release.

Have fun and see you in the game!

Warsow 2.01 released

posted by Vic

2015-12-19 19:07:50
Download Warsow 2.01

:: :: Changes from 2.0 to 2.01

+ Rewinding demos no longer breaks POV switching.
+ Fixed client-side crashes in CTF: Tactics game mode.
+ Corrected the list of assets released under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives license (see license.txt).

+ Fixed race condition which was preventing multiple server instances to complete initialization in case they were sharing the same home directory.
+ Bugfixes and improved performance for the built-in HTTP server.

+ Fixed memory leaks, improved peformance for the server browser with l10n enabled.

+ Automatically disable multithreading if Nouveau graphics driver is detected (Linux).
+ Automatically use discrete GPU's on laptops with both integrated and discrete GPU's.

+ Updated adem HUD.
+ Updated strafe.hud for all HUDs.

Warsow 2.0 released

posted by Vic

2015-11-30 22:41:57
Download Warsow 2.0

Warsow 2.0 is released after a year and half of continuous development and multiple community betas. Listing individual changes and improvements of over 150 featured in the release would take too much space and time, so here are some most prominent ones:

- Tutorial level was added to introduce new players to the basics of Warsow gameplay, movement and combat.

- Majority of Warsow assets are now under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Setting the assets free ensures Warsow doesn't get stuck in proprietary limbo and will remain an important piece of indie gaming in the future too. Players and developers alike are encouraged to innovate with free assets, and contribute more media back to the game! Or just simply use them in their own games if they comfort the license.

- Many graphical effects such as gibs, hit and stun indicators, Lasergun and Electrobolt beams, were revamped. In addition, the renderer has received numerous optimizations, resulting in 30 to 50% performance improvements depending on the hardware and settings.

- The spawning algorithm was revamped to favor more distant points in Duel mode. The further from the fragger is the spawn point, the more likely it gets to be picked for the fragged player is to respawn.

- Weapon parameters were tweaked to improve game balance and hopefully make it more fun to play.

- The flipped mode was introduced for those who might want to challenge themselves by tricking their brains on otherwise familiar maps!

- Game maps can now have a color grading profile set to create better mood or improve the aesthetics. The setting can be controlled by map author and can be turned off in the options menu. Here is how the effect is used in one of our maps, which also received an uplifted 3D sky in this version!

- Two new HUDs by Adem for playing and spectating. The weapon and item icons were redrawn in a modern flat design to provide better visibility for the simple items setting.

- Pressing and holding Left Shift in Team Deathmatch, Bomb & Defuse, Capture the Flag and CTF: Tactics game modes now brings up contextual voicecomm menu to aid in cooperative gameplay.

- And much more! See full changelog.

Website upgrade

posted by Vic

2015-06-13 14:33:19
We have recently upgraded the website to HTTPS and have also added oembed tags support to the forum. Please report here any bugs you may find.

Warsow/qfusion source code gets checked

posted by Vic

2015-03-28 22:04:09
I've been meaning to write a blog post about this for a while but it is only now that I actually have gotten to it.

Those of you who interested in programming might have heard about the excellent PVS Studio tool, which is a static code analyzer for C/C++. PVS Studio first caught my attention when it was mentioned with praise in a twit by John Carmack. I didn't pay much attention to it back then as it seemed like a product a major-budget company could afford, with no chance of a hobbyist like me getting his hands on it.

cppcheck seemed like a free, open source-friendly alternative. Granted, it couldn't boast with integration to Visual Studio, which was (and still is) unfortunate, since this is my primary development platform/IDE.

Apparently, the folks at PVS Studio have had a change of minds and have started being really nice with Open Source community. With some help I was able to get in touch with the guys and received a 6 months license, usable with Visual Studio Community Edition. Popular products such as Linux Kernel and Libre Office have undergone checks by PVS Studio in recent months and now it's time for Warsow/qfusion to do the same!

On to the facts now:
1) full analysis of qfusion source code takes approximately 6 minutes
2) our code is of relatively high quality, only a few fixes needed to be made (see commit 1 and commit 2)
3) only 26 Level 1 Warnings are emitted, most of them can be safely ignored
4) Visual Studio runs as good as ever, no performance drops
5) cppcheck took 6 minutes to scan 'cgame' alone on the same machine

All in all, PVS Studio seems like a nice non-obtrusive tool, which I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who uses Visual Studio for writing C/C++ programs.

Abandoned Warsow UI attempt posted on Github

posted by Vic

2015-03-19 10:05:35
A never completed attempt at modern-looking User Interface for Warsow is now available @ github. The original framework was written by Kurim, the mockup was contributed by alba.

I didn't want their work to get lost in vain so there it is, available for your hacking and amusement purposes. The code is compatible with current qfusion master.


Good luck and have fun!

Android version with touch controls preview

posted by adem

2015-03-05 20:45:30
A short preview of the 4-finger touch controls in the Android version of Warsow 1.6 on a prototype of the tutorial level. Video as well as port made by our new member - SiPlus. Tutorial map made by our well known friend, SolidFake, who joined Dev Team recently too.

Warsow needs YOU for the next Trailer

posted by KILLME

2014-10-29 20:03:46
Today is the day!

Alright thank you everyone for signing up.
Please try to join the warsow and TS³ channel about 15-20minutes before 8pm utc+1

IRC: #movsow
TS³: (channel WsW Trailer recording, password porkchops)

I'll host the wsw server myself and give you the ip when it's time.

Please read the original post and storyboards again.


Hey, I'm working at the next Warsow Trailer right now.
Since crizis wanted a fully scripted one instead of a fragmovie I wrote a little script and I need your help to realize it.

There will be a complex bomb scene which is fully scripted and I'll need 10 "actors" to record the demo.
There will also be duel, CTF and some DM but these don't need as many actors, this will focus on the bomb scene.

What you need:
-Teamspeak3 (microphone is not necessary)
-about 2-3 hours of time (and patience)
-some discipline (griefing and trolling around will just delay everything)
-bind xyz kill

Also this will not be a fragmovie, you'll have to "act" out a scripted bomb round, follow a certain route exactly and frag certain enemies at the right point of time.

Here are a few storyboard pages to get an Idea:
Page 2 (Bomb scene starts at panel 14)
Page 3

I'll host a server where I record multiPOV demos, you'll have to join it at the specified time aswell as the TS³ server. Also you'll have to chose certain player models.
If that doesn't work make sure to have these in your config:

cg_teamALPHAmodel ""
cg_teamBETAmodel ""
cg_teamPLAYERSmodel ""

The Warsow ServerIP aswell as the TS³ IP and the Date will be announced later.

Since everyone's got different time schedule please fill out this doodle:

Timezone is UTC+1

I'm confident that this trailer will be the most cinematic one yet but I'll need your help to pull it off.

-KILLME out.

"Illuminati" gibs preview.

posted by crizis

2014-10-07 08:07:10
Hello hello!

Here's little preview of new "illuminati" gibs (or, candy gibs :)), coming in 1.6.

VIDEO, watch at 720 @ youtube!!

- "Breaking glass" style- effect.
- Three different colors, orange, purple (Warsow brand colors), model color.
- Gibs keep initial player velocity.
- Gibs are affected by damage kick.
- Rotation.


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