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Warsow 1.0 CHANGELOG
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Mad Hatter
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Changes since 0.62


- Weapondefs based on promod:
* LG 130dps
* RL 75dmg
* GL 65dmg
* Plasma 150dps
* EB 75dmg
* RG 90max dmg
* MG 80dps
* GB 45dmg cut 45dmg projectile
- Promod armor system (GA 50/100, YA 75/125, RA 100/150, 0.66 protection rate)
- Increased LG knockback and slightly longer stun time for LG.
- Handicap (handicap 10 = 10% less damage).
- Fix some 45deg ramps broken by missing deg -> rad conversion.
- Octagon hitboxes.

- Fixed rocketsplash on stairs and ledges ("nodmg bug")
- cg_showTeamMates (required drawTeamMates in .hud):


- Add 'follow fragger' chasecam mode
- Support for OGG Theora videos.
- Support for PNG.
- Model format changed to IQM
- Update to the latest AngelScript version (2.23.1).
- Metadata support in demo files to store date and time of the match, final score, title and other useful data.
- Support for http mirroring server demos and downloading demos from http with demoget.
- Support for streaming remote ogg files via HTTP.
- Servers check for autoupdates daily (every 2 days before).
- Increased sound mixing precision (snd_qf).
- Make bots somewhat more aware of the gametype and pmove states.
- Highlight minimized game window on important events (when alt+tabbed).
- Added two new parameters to 'cinematic' command to control console avilability during playback of a fullscreen video and maintaining original aspect ratio of the video.
- Added "cinepause" console command to pause and unpause fullscreen video playback.
- Split video codecs code into separate library.
- Obsoleted potentially hearable set (PHS).
- Improved Mumble integration.
- Fixed randomization of m3u playlists shuffling.
- Fix: "killable" doors, similar to the one Schaaf provided for buttons.
- Fix: Map rotation now skips non existent maps.
- Fix: shaking corpses.
- Fix: DA challengers are moved to specs due to inactivity.
- Fix: when a text with a color from white to green is sent with a number after it, irc clients think that the number is a part of the color code. Example: "^0t^13^0st (t3st)" results in tst in black.

Performance improvements:
- Changed how VBO's work for lightingDiffuse map models for optimal performance.
- Added builtin GLSL program to render most commonly used Q3A shader stages to better utilize VBO's.
- Take map area visibility into account when creating VBO's for surfaces.
- MD3 and IQM models now use VBO's too.
- Optimized image loading functions (greatly reducing loading times)
- Model and sound caching (greatly reducing loading times)
- GPU skinning dual quaternions (greatly improving model rendering performance, up to 300%+ better)
- Improved shadow mapping filters.
- Planar shadows may not cause severe performance hit due to excessive map tracing.
- Add another optional parameter to 'material' pass, which if specified blends entity colored decal with diffuse image. This allows single-pass player model skins.
- Fix: particle entities emitting invisible lights. Also make light radius depend on particle radius.

Graphical features:
- Nicer curves/patches (no leaking in patches).
- New LG beam gfx based on Ultrak1ll's beam (LG beam is not pure, so people can also make their own beams, or use the 0.6 one).
- Fast and bumpmapped GLSL dynamic lights.
- r_drawflat (+ r_floorcolor r_wallcolor) to set custom environment colors.
- r_lighting_greyscale to remove colored lights from the maps.

OS-specific improvements:
- alt+entering between fullscreen and windowed mode is now instant in Windows (no vid_restart required).
- m_raw for linux (using Xinput2).
- Unicode input in X11.


- New song by jihnsius.


- A lot of optimizations to old maps, around 10 to 30% better FPS compared to 0.6.
- Removed: wdm8, wdm11(old), wdm20, wamphi2, wca3.
- Retextured: wdm6, wda1, wda2, wamphi1.

- New maps: wdm11, wdm16, wdm17, wbomb6.

User interface

- New user interface with xhtml/css/angelscript syntax using librocket. (changeable with cvar for custom ui's).
- Real map as a background instead of a video.

Global statistics and skillranking

- Global statistics using accounts (ranked servers need a server key).
- In-game profile and friends list.
- Skillranking (not shown or used anywhere yet, but the system there).
- Added 'whois' game command.

Gametype scripting

- All builtin classes have been renamed from this "cClass" to "Class".
- It's required to use function pointers to set callback functions for entities instead of hardcoded names.
* Example:
@entity.think = some_trigger_think;
- Both UI and GT scripts can now use namespaces.
- Moved all core classes to angelwrap library.
- Added builtin StringUtils namespace.

HUD scripting

- New hudscript function "setScale"
- New strafehud functions.
- HUD elements are now precached, to avoid loading media on the first draw whenever possible.
- Round to the nearest integer value in CG_LFuncCursor, CG_LFuncMoveCursor and CG_LFuncSize

Warsow TV

- Background music tracks can now specified for each channel and lobby (tv_lobbymusic cvar), which will be later played by connected clients. This can be used to stream shoutcasts in OGG format.
- Fix: TV heartbeats
- Fix: occasional "Invalid POVnum 0" error on wswtv clients.
- Fix: fs_gamedir changes on wswtv causing 'bad inline model number' errors for clients upon connecting.
- Fix: PM_FREEZE movement state not affecting TV spectators.
- Fix: broken movement prediction after postmatch.

Changes since beta1


- cap fov to 140
- fix: sounds get messed with openal
- fix: crash at startup
- s_pseudoAcoustics 0 by default
- fix: openal module complains about .m3u files
- fix: implicit cast from half to float
- fix: turrets are broken pic
- fix: just a bug that should have been fixed since wsw .5
- fix: broken scoreboards (wswtv at least), reconnect fixed that
- revert back to instant eb
- add 1600x900 to the list of detected resolutions
- fix: target_give doesn't work
- add 1360x768 and 1366x768 to the list of autodetected resolutions
- fix: headhunt gametype crash
- fix: crash in case texture3D extension was unavailable
- fix: HTTP downloads broken for URLs that contain unsafe chars


- fix: UI doesn't have setup option to select weapon handness
- fix: UI doesn't have binds for messagemode and messagemode2
- fix: serverbrowser occasionally connects to the wrong server upon doubleclick (also 1 row always shows info from the first row)
- fix: serverbrowser doesn't work during demo playback
- fix: login dialog -> dont use cl_mm_password or store that cvar
- fix: ERROR: 0:0: GC cannot free an object of type '_builtin_function_', it is kept alive by the application
- fix: Unresponsiveness when pressing backspace in server password prompt dialog if no textfield selected before press. link
- fix: local game settings are overridden by gametype configs
- fix: Skyquality always resets the meter to middle quality
- Add server favorites


- fix: da matches send duplicate uuids
- fix: warmama crashes
- fix: /whois
- fix: ya_taken and ga_taken always have the same value
- do not report matches with duration less than 1 minute


- fix: wdm11,16,17 decals missing
- fix: wdm11, wdm10 sky missing
- fix: wbomb6 clipping pic

Changes since beta 2


- remove weak ammo
- adjust ammo pickup counts to fit strong ammo only
- added ctf_flag_instant callvote (enables instant flag captures and unlocks)
- global game sounds were missing


- fix default values of "fov" and "zoomfov"
- zoomfov can't be set to values lower than 3
- r_subdivisions can't be set to values lower than 3
- disable VBO's for fogged meshes if GLSL is not available (fixes "the blue plasma" bug)
- fixed planar stencil shadows
- bound cg_gun_fov to [20,160]
- added cg_lgbeam_old
- remove cg_demoname
- add cg_specHUD
- autorecord actions should now work for ongoing matches
- utilize getters and setters for class propertis found in GT scripts


- remove explicit declarations of the sorting key from fence/grates shaders (they were fucked up anyway)
- removed unused video files
- removed battlesuits from wctf2
- added wrace1 back
- added 'stream' profile for streaming
- removed crizis, crizis2, crizis3 huds
- moved 'default' hud as 'classic'
- added new huds by clownfart
- removed wctf5
- new announcer sounds from jehar


- serverbrowser now queries for LAN servers too
- fix color formatter's HTML encoding routine
- colored server names looks fugly in the game menu
- the password input dialog should autofocus the input field. other dialogs probably need autofocus too
- TAB navigation doesn't work in UI
- add window.flash(uint count) to AS
- add IRC chat
- fixed "assigning backspace as a key will leave the options menu or sth."
- added awards tab under profile
- added download/connection screen


- orphane sessions cleanup
- servers submit sv_uploads_demos_baseurl + autorecorded demo filenames to the stats server
(updated 2012-07-24 14:33:11)


(720 posts)

Congratz Dev! And thank you for warsow 0.7 <3


(609 posts)

homart wrote:
Congratz Dev! And thank you for warsow 0.7 <3

Nuthin to add <3

(24 posts)

If the Devs keep up that good work, i will never get a girlfriend (o:
Nevertheless, thank you all!
Im looking forward to see many gg´s


(3752 posts)

* MG 80 dps

May I ask: Why such a radical change? The damage is lowered by over 20%. I don't think it was overpowered before. Also, if the damage drop is so big, could the spread be lowered too to make it actually useful in atleast long range?

Other than that, really great work! Millions of thanks for the whole dev team!! :) This game is simply awesome!


warsow royalty
(260 posts)

- fix: just a bug that should have been fixed since wsw .5

What is the actual effect of this?

(1134 posts)

That new defrag strafe thing.

Also, I don't think there's an r_ceilingcolor


All your base are belong to us.
(467 posts)


Delicious Penguin
(117 posts)

- Support for OGG Theora videos.

for ingame tutorials? Or are you still using the demo + audio-as-bg-music.

Also a little sad to see racesow hud features not added. Vertical speed and angles for custom strafe huds would be nice.

Unicode input in X11.

Nice! Does that mean asian char support or do wsw fonts / ogl text rendering limit it?

Also hope the 45 deg angle on ramps fixes some of the rampbug issues.

Great to see so much work on this, thx guys


Mad Hatter
(4784 posts)

Also hope the 45 deg angle on ramps fixes some of the rampbug issues.

There shouldn't be any left, which aren't related to the map itself. Like wdm15 mh wj failing sometimes has nothing to do with code, but it fails because of that lighttrim right above the ramp, which is solid and 1px of the wall (you can even walk on it :P), so it causes funky fails sometimes. Been too lazy to fix it... too much work2do ;)


Has-been developer
(282 posts)

clownfart wrote:
That new defrag strafe thing.

Also, I don't think there's an r_ceilingcolor

Strafehud is mentioned on the list.

(1134 posts)

toukkapoukka wrote:
clownfart wrote:
That new defrag strafe thing.

Also, I don't think there's an r_ceilingcolor

Strafehud is mentioned on the list.



Your former Warsow overlord
(5784 posts)

Also, I don't think there's an r_ceilingcolor

believe it or not, it was never meant to exist!


(3752 posts)

Can anyone answer my earlier post about MG?
I'm not demanding any changes to it, but someone could kindly tell the reasons behind this big damage nerf.


Your former Warsow overlord
(5784 posts)

for ingame tutorials?

just for fun


(371 posts)

Huksi` wrote:
Can anyone answer my earlier post about MG?
I'm not demanding any changes to it, but someone could kindly tell the reasons behind this big damage nerf.

It should be removed, that's why!!!!!!

Nah, but think about it, in close range (about LG range) it had nearly the same DPS as LG (if you count in the average hit percentage). And its also easier to hit with than weak LG at that range.

I now continue on my REMOVE THAT MG campaign... CIAO


(960 posts)

did you fix the no quad sound bug or whatever it is?
(updated 2012-06-13 11:53:51)


Your former Warsow overlord
(5784 posts)

m0t0 wrote:
did you fix the no quad sound bug or whatever it is?

i don't know which bug you're talking about..


(141 posts)

I kind of wished that you would keep +5 on direct rockets (75 +5 now)(did like the idea), and buff lg/pg (maybe riot too) dmg to balance up because of hitbox and splash bug fix. But hey you can't get everything. :D

I still don't think you should have that lg as default. It's way to fancy to attract all people. If you want to be smart and want more people to like your lg you should keep 0.6 beam as default. Well it won't affect me since I will use 0.6 beam anyway. But still I think you should have it as optional with something like cg_laserbeam_type 2 and not as default beam..... It's not a secret why all apple products have simple design, or this.

Nothing more to add, I said how awesome 0.7 was on beta1. Still best change from 0.6 is the octan hitbox, best shit ever.
(updated 2012-06-13 21:52:16)


Thread killer
(460 posts)

Nicer curves/patches (no leaking in patches).

Wait do patches now seal leaks????

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