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mapping noob
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miDGet wrote:

i feel like you didnt read his post properly. the developer team doesnt have the human resources to also work on the implementation of the racesow mod. i'm sure they would be happy to have someone like you in the dev team, who knows the mod and who therefore could specifically work on a high-quality implementation of racesow to basewarsow.

In short this, if you want something to be implemented, you are free to join the devteam and work on it, as long as it is properly done and vic doesn't have anything gainst it, it will be implemented.


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It's a build-your-own-game kind of thing, sadly most of us lack both the knowledge and the energy/time to embark upon it ourselves. I used to hold a grudge towards warsow devs for not realizing the immense potential in the gametype, but in the end they are free to make the game like they intended it to be.

But yes, great times were had in race back in the day, still the most fun and addictive gaming experience I've ever had, by far.
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