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These past few days have seen a few new Warsow modifications released. One for WarsoW 0.42 by aeo, and the other for the upcoming 0.5 (playable with the latest 0.5test builds).

Aeo's mod called 'Alternate Warsow Modification' replaces a huge amount of the original warsow media files with an abstract style for the weapon icons. The gameplay has also been changed to include weapons that deal more damage. Aeo has also included a map called awmdm1. The mod is still being worked on so expect some further updates on that soon. So far no one has volunteered to set up any servers but if someone does so, please tell me and i will post the ip here.

To check the 'Alternate Warsow Modification' out for yourself visit this forum thread. Nice work

The second mod is 'Fast&Furious' a modification for the soon to be released Warsow 0.5. Made by thelawenforcer, this mod focuses almost entirely on reworking Warsow's gameplay. The aim was to give warsow a weaponset that was more fitting warsow's unique movement capabilities.

Your favourite warsow news organization WarsowNews have made a little article about the release of this mod. The article contains an overview of the changes and an interview with its creator.

To check that article out, just click on the article banner:

To go straight to the interview, follow this link

The F&F forum thread can be found here

Thanks to these mod makers, and thanks to warsownews for covering them.

GL&HF from the warsow team :) WarshoOoooOOooO ;P

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now compare this newspost with the one about the nationscup...

see any difference?

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ohhh god, every newspost is now bait :E::E:E:E:E:E:E


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oh noes it will take over warsow


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Haven't tried any of these mods so I won't comment on the actual content.

I do have a question though. Why is a Warsow gameplay designer releasing his own 0.5 gameplay mod (and that before 0.5 has been released)? To me that seems counter-productive.

Also, lawenforcer, why write about your mod in 3rd person when it's your own mod?

Nice to see activity in the modding department!


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I wanted to show the other devs that it isnt just me that feels warsow gameplay is lacking. Also, read the interview :P releasing it before 0.5 is out allows more people to test it, and perhaps to even get my own way for the final release :P

about the 3rd person stuff, it was so as not to make a self promoting advertisement, but a newspost.


a literal who
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Only one typo? This is not what news is about ffs!



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