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[16.12.2012]Absolute Beginners Cup #1
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The defender of Warsow
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The Absolute Beginners Cup Series, aimed exclusively at new Warsow players is about to kick off with it's first tournament happening on December, 16th of 2012. The cup will start at 18:00 CET and feature Duel as it's gametype.
Players can sign up here on this cup-page starting tomorrow (Dec. 7th 2012). The tournament will be played in Double Elimination mode with Bo1 matches until the Semi Finals of each bracket. The Grand Final will feature two sets of Bo3.

Rules (short version):
Game: Warsow 1.02 (basewsw)
Gametype: Duel
Tournament Date: December 16th 2012 @ 18:00
Tournament Mode: Double Elimination Bo1 and Bo3
Tournament Region: Europe
Sign Up: starting on Dec. 7th 2012
Check In: Yes, 30 minutes before cup starts (17:30 CET)
IRC-Channel: #ab-cups @ QuakeNet
Mappool: wdm2 - Stunned | wdm5 - Viciiou's Lair | wdm17 - Le Toxiquet
Participation requirements:

- registration on required
- sign-up nick and Warsow account must match
- played between 10 and 100 games of Warsow on ranked servers
- not a old player coming back from a break
- not a longtime, active player from another Arena FPS switching to Warsow
- not a active Warsow player switching from another gametype


I wish all participants good luck and see you on the 16th of December!
(updated 2012-12-07 00:01:08)

The defender of Warsow
(627 posts)

If someone is up for doing a quick, not too fancy logo (I would as usual do it myself but my Photoshop doesn't work for some reason and I can't find the CD to reinstall it), go ahead knock yourself out. Also I'm searching for a streamer to cover the cup. Thanks!
(updated 2012-12-06 23:59:37)


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I don't know what's the point for having any kind of cup for someone completely new to duel. It's like hosting olympics for people who have just started doing sports.

The defender of Warsow
(627 posts)

Why comparing such a cup to the olympics? Fact is, duel is probably the easiest gametype to pick up as a new player (well except for FFA and Deathmatch). You don't have to find/motivate some friends to be competitive (like you would have to play in a TDM/CFT/Bomb/CA cup), and belive it or not but beginners also want to be competitive in a game that from the beginning was aimed for competition. The goal of duel is extremely simple, the maps are simple (mostly) and it's fun against a equally skilled opponent. It's only so frustrating to play duel in current cups because of our small community where if you play in one of the "normal" cups you get raped by people like GoReY, KerpaL, Puffdar, aso.


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good initiative wtfproof ! I'll spec it for sure... hope u can gather some young potentials to make it fun to watch !

(and yes would be happy u help with the sparta promotion on esreality, one money is announced)

and yes solomonk will post it in main warsow page/blog once your banneer is ready !
hope to see a lot of the new people who use to play dm/ffa/duel
for some days/week :)


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nice idea for a cup proof, i only see a problem with the signups: i think most of the newer players in warsow dont have a warsow account, but maybe with the help of the duel community we can direct their attention to this cup.

so everyone - tell the newdudes about this =]


the guy with very low sens
(1340 posts)

packto signed up :D<3


(449 posts)

packto killing eSports!


(449 posts)

Just saw the thread about this cup over at ESR.

Having these Participation Requirements:

"- not a longtime, active player from another Arena FPS switching to Warsow"

Is just plain suicidal for Warsow's growth.

The defender of Warsow
(627 posts)

It's plain suicidal to let people in who played Q3/CPM for several years. Like this real beginners will be stomped to death by them. If someone plays QL CA for lets say 1 or 2 years I won't have problems with letting him in, but if he has 2k+ duels in QL and started in 2005 with Q3 I definitely won't let him in.


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Waiting List / Sign-ups not yet accepted
packto inze KeRpaL

:-D No really its a good idea but if you are noob you dont sign for cupZ. The kind of cups that f.e. CPM.NA organized was with people who were used to playing other gametypes just not duel.


Mad Hatter
(4732 posts)

You'll need to reach on publics and places like this to get new players to play though. I doubt many of them read the forums...

The defender of Warsow
(627 posts)

How I like that little polnish bitch, thinks he is so funny :).


(958 posts)

i like the name of the cup ;D


(2947 posts)

Organizing such kind of cup is gonna be tricky. Who knows, we could have some good surprises. Anyway, GLHF to all and thanks to WtfProof for your contribution to the community =)

My suggestion would be to turn it into a mixed 2vs2.
All play first a DM. From the results, you make nearly balanced teams, like rank 1 with last, rank 2 with last but one, etc.


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(updated Today 13:37)
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Huksi` wrote:
I don't know what's the point for having any kind of cup for someone completely new to duel. It's like hosting olympics for people who have just started doing sports.

well, i dont precisely know the point either, but i know theres something between olympics and not playing at all. its called fun ;)

am seeing another signup, eThaD.
with enough signups, you can extend the cup and seed two divisions.
(updated 2012-12-14 06:05:36)


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Signed up.

Hopefully this will be a way for me to find the people that are on my level, so I know who I could practise with from time to time.

(24 posts)

This cup is exactly what i wanted when i was new.

(21 posts)

This is a great idea, but will there be an NA cup to follow?

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