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backSlide on warsow 0.7

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Today I started to work on new slide for 0.7 because I couldn't use slide_ca scripts from 0.6. Here are some screens:

Slide_arena on 0.7(WALLHAXXX):

1HP and unlimited rockets + grenades.

I gonna try to make it better than slide_ca and as good as original slide (proprietary :P).
I should write some kind of disclaimer so I wouldn't get a court invitation from AMrK XD.

Any similarities to AMrK's slide gametype script are purely coincidental...

My server gonna replace slide_arena_v3 with more better looking slide_arena_remix you all probably know that it works on 0.7.
(updated 2012-07-22 14:29:01)

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If you want i can send you original slide gametype... but i dont know if it still works and i have no time for telling you how to install/edit code :/

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amrk is it possible you could bring up the lifetrick jump server again as i like it very much. If not can you pls send me the maps that would normally be downloaded when you went on the server since i just reinstalled warsow and lost all the maps. Also i would like to request permission if i could host the server myself if you are unable to.


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I want to 'creat' my own slide server how i can get the Slide files (mod + mapss ..) ?

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there is no slide for 1.2 at the moment as far as i know.
(updated 2013-01-17 20:55:49)

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survival maps are ready to download:

maybe i will upload my old slide/survival gametype here... depends on my spare time...

due to the fact i am too lazy/busy to compile warsow 1.X on my server there wont be any survival or slide server hosted by me, sry
(updated 2013-02-02 16:04:42)


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Hi amrk can you upload the old slide gt files, I have been trying to get the GR voting to work on my slide_un
using midair source code but failed. I'm too noob at AS
(updated 2013-02-09 02:32:16)

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