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Here are 7 tips for bomb. Basic knowledge you should have when you play bomb pickup imo. Things people do or do not.

1. Always call when you see bomb carrier at one site. Even if you're in a fight you need to be able to call.

2. Always hold the same defense spot, ex 2 A bombspot, 2 B bombspot and 1 middle. Don't change unless you agree with your team to switch.

3. Don't leave the spot you are holding until some one calls. The enemy team might pull off a fake.

4. If you are bomb carrier call which spot you're going to plant on. If you don't want to carry bomb, drop it before the round starts.

5. Never ever stop in chokepoints. NEVER EVER! You will just block everyone and drown your whole team in spam.

6. If you are a bad aimer and can't take anyone out by your self 9/10 times. You should never go of alone or try to back fuck people when they rotate. You will just be a free kill and useless for your team.

7. Also if you are a bad aimer, compensate this by spam and sacrificing your self for the team more. I do not mean you should skip using lg/eb/rockets. But you wont be useful at all if you just stand a whole round with eb missing 90% of your shots.

Guides that everyone who want to get better in bomb should read:
Bomb teamwork tips
Another guide of how to play Bomb & Defuse
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imo most important is communication.too often ppl just stay quiet,have no clue what to do or has some issues.

also ppl probably dont understand term chokepoint besides its not that clear always, i remember having arguments with dkw about which actually were chokepoints in certain bombmaps and imo both had valid arguments.

Also bomb is not that difficult as a attacker you go to the bombsite,get into good position (upper position often,try to hold that as long as possible and kill enemies as fast as possible.)

Also bombcarrier should do call,either A or B.

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What do you mean exactly with 5. Never ever stop in chokepoints. NEVER EVER! You will just block everyone and drown your whole team in spam.

To add even if it sounds a bit ridiculous, when there's 3-2 people left, let one guy defuse and the rest guard the places where you think the enemy will come. Seen it happen in pickup twice or more, where 3 people standing on the bomb, and one last guy rushes in and kills them all.. Or just standing too close to the bomb when it's being defused.
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he obv ment when you and your team are about to rush/attack a bombspot, not when it's about defending alrdy or u're alone there.

e: ok misread his 2cnd paragraph first, thought he was about to correct the upper one there. i guess my post is useless then, since i'm not going to describe more detailed what he ment. it's so obv anyway that u should be able to answer that question with the power of ur mind, i believe in u!
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One more tip from me, a lot of players do this mistake, even the more experienced ones:

If the bomb is planted by enemy and you see some random enemy somewhere but the bombsite, DON'T go fight him. Find your way to the bombsite and ignore him. Maybe shoot couple random rockets/bolts to his way while jumping towards bombspot but nothing else.

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