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Warsow diversity fest
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Ok Here we go!
farm/Puffdar had this idea on #warsow.pickup that we should organize day when we showcase warsow less experienced parts, in other words play gametypes that rarely/or dont mostly get played like:tdm,ctf,ftag and maybe even ctftact.

freetag friday or tdm tuesday.

Puffdar: we should decide of a ctf day/hour so we can, play some ctf...
Puffdar: at least one time/week
farm: yeah
farm: alrdy thought bout that several times
farm: had another idea to do some pracctice but i thnk i don t care any more
farm: fuck it
Puffdar: even if I cant think of a lot of dedicated ctf players...
farm: well there are quite some guys willing to play it
farm: who don t usually hang around on irc
Puffdar: moto dream adem huski farm vigo me
Puffdar: the frag brothers eventually
el_moto: tdm tuesday and ctf saturday
farm: not weekend
farm: bad idea
farm: ^^
Puffdar: week end is for dem cup
Puffdar: xD
Puffdar: tuesday after 20... could start with ctf games and ends with tdm...
Puffdar: u dont need much games of intense

So 2 options either
A)one day when there is lot of different gametypes
B) multiple days when each day has its ownw gametype

at #warsow.pickup ofc

If there is enough interest,we set a date for first session.Futhermore if you have ideas please share.I have thought about some type of reward, havent come up with anything special yet.Anyway I think this would work best if there were some sort of reward you could archieve in these sessions.



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B. but not for every day. For instance 1st week of month you make monday ctf and tuesday tdm. 2nd week you make monday freezetag and tuesday ctf5v5. Making such rotation on pu bot would be great thing for making rarely playing gametypes become more popular.


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1 more variation: make 2 days to play gametypes that was most rare playing on previous week.


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Option A:
Why not
!add random 

(updated 2013-07-18 21:25:36)


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add leveling system to pickup bot
every player starts at level 1 (account = warsow profile)
ladder race to level 99
bot announces daily leaders or some hipster shit

xp needed to lvl up: x(x+1)/2

bomb matches give 4xp
duel matches give 5xp
ctf and tdm matches give 6xp

1st prize is voice in #warsow.pickup for epenis showoff prestige achievement award trophy

problem solved.


ctftact matches give 200000000xp

(updated 2013-07-20 01:04:15)


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I don't know about that level-stuff, at least i just wouldn't care at all about it, maybe its just me though. Also, +v in warsow.pickup might be a problem, because i believe thats the prerequisite for administrating the bot.

On the other hand what Crusty described seems good. Question is though: do you want to disallow all other gametypes from pickup that day? Cause i don't think that will be good, maybe for 2-3 hours or so, but all day?

The thing is if you say: Ok, monday we are gonna play this gt, then on monday many people who like that gt will come anyway, its just a question of communicating it out there to every potential player.


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Okey monday it is then and we start with tdm.Around 19:00 cet starts

next monday be at #warsow.pickup.atleast legendary Puffdar said he is gonna also and hoping Almighty warsow dev Crizis will be there aswell.

next week after this, there can be some extra "candy" if/when tdm goes well.
(updated 2013-07-23 19:51:47)


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So will such things be implemented on #warsow.pickup? )

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