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Hide and Seek Gametype
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Hallo guys!

I haven't been active here very much, but I play Warsow since 2009 and it's one of my favorite games.

In my opinion this game is especially suited for a Hide and Seek game mode and I wonder that there haven't been such a gametype before seemingly (I didn't find any). But fortunately I'm a coder (and this is not the first Warsow related project from me :p), so I can make that myself and thus I did and now contribute it to the community.

Official forum thread:
[GT] Hide and Seek

Feedback is appreciated:
Please post any related suggestions/ideas concerning the gametype in the official release thread.

Wanna check it out? Public server: .: Hide and Seek | 24/7 | #warsow.hidenseek :.

There is also an IRC channel on Quakenet as indicated above:

Have fun playing. :)

sk0r / Czybik

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Love the gametype ;D Play it sometimes with Catcher.
But it needs really long to get a score.. :/

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