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Unofficial patches for HUDs & translations
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still alive
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Unofficial patches provide some minor fixes and improvements for the game localization and default HUDs.

Download pk3s:
HUDs patch v001 (changelog)
L10n patch v001 (changelog)

Feel free to post your feedback here in this thread. You can help to improve translation by using Transifex.
(updated 2017-01-14 01:34:14)


still alive
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Hello, adem!

I'm kinda curious about the purpose of this new localization page. I mean, knowing the current situation of Warsow, what's the point of it? Is it going to be used for another Qfusion game?


still alive
(2645 posts)

Hi Muleke, originally it is just a translation project for Warsow, but it may be used for other future projects based on QFusion engine.

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