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Dedicated server custom map
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So yesterday I successfully managed to port forward and run a dedicated server for the first time. I had a player join, but then I changed the map to a custom map that some of you maybe be familiar with "pink tutorial" the other player didn't have this map so when the map changed I could see on the console he was trying to connect but couldn't as he didn't have the map.

So I'm guessing there is something I need to enable in the config that will allow other players to download custom maps from the server. Help, thanks


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I hope you have

sv_http "1"

In this case you need both ports forwarded:

sv_port "44400"
sv_http_port "44444"

Those sv_http* are for http downloads
(updated 2017-02-09 14:03:27)


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In this case you need both ports forwarded:

Thanks, this is what I needed

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