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back2v2 Duel/TDM CUP [22/04/2017]

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Hello everyone ! We are back with an awesome DUEL/TDM 2v2 CUP Saturday 22 April @ 2:00 pm CET !! :)

Date: Saturday 22 April @ 2:00 pm CET !! :) (check in start @ 2 pm )
Teams: 2 players (indicate the strongest player to me while signing or in irc)

Stongest players of each teams plays each other first on a duel match !
Weakest players of each teams plays after (or on the same time i don't mind but play the map accordingly) !

Then Tdm 2v2 !

Finally (if the score isn't 3:0), Strongest players of the team plays the weakest of the other teams !

Timelimit: -10 mins duel
-15 mins tdm

Duel Map Pool: wdm2, wdm5, wdm10, wdm11, wdm12
Tdm Map Pool : wdm1, wdm14, wdm15

Maps are picked in teams ! Cointoss winner team pick first and decide the map on either the game strongest vs stronges or weakest vs weakest !

Then tdm : cointoss looser drops first

Then if needed after the tdm the cointoss winner drop one map and the other team choose on which map they wanna play both games.

Every match will be BO5

Servers: Some kya serv and some cup serv from user (Ty for hosting)
Stream : Pm me if you can and want to stream :)

Teams will need to report scores at the end of each map to an admin via IRC

Hope we will get a lot of sign !
HF and GL !
irc : #kyacup

PS : If you have any questions, I'm on IRC all the time !
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CUP is cancelled, unfortunatly I can't be there on that day.
Sry (However, as only a few were signed, it doesn't affect a lot of players :) )

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