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Ultralow config for max FPS
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still alive
(2645 posts)

Hi Warsowians!

It's time to share the secret config that may improve overall perfomance and gameplay experience. Here is the console trick:

/writeconfig backup saves config backup
/exec configs/ultralow magic is here
/cl_maxfps 500 client side frame rate
/r_maxfps 500 renderer FPS



If you don't like the changes you can simply revert them by:
/exec backup

HF guys!
(updated 2017-05-23 14:39:13)


mapping noob
(4714 posts)

oh my god, no!

this secret trick was meant to be only used by the most superior minds, now even the proletariat can enjoy warsow in leet performance!

what have you done, adem!

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