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If the Custom Map Converter complains because of finding line strings instead of areas, it is because he found line strings in the file :) . Line strings are not single lines but polylines, so it is possible that the WinTopo software produces line strings for representing countries. In that case, the Custom Map Converter will not be able to convert these files.
You will find more informations in the released version of Elixir about that since the beta versions does not contain much Custom Map Converter documentation.

In the meantime, is it possible for you to send such a ShapeFile so that I can have a look ? On my side, I will have a look at this WinTopo software ...

Concerning the availability of Matt Wicks article, I don't know when this this article will be released, but I am pretty sure that an announcement will be made in this forum.



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fix clips @ le toxiquet!


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nice game, i like it, but i want to know if i can play on my android tablet


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toukkapoukka wrote:
Huksi` wrote:
And I don't want to only discuss the ideas that are in start post, everyone is free to post their opinions about Warsow CTF here!

Rather make custom gametype script yourself, noone in the team atm is going to bother fix CTF. And that is purely for lack of resources.

We already have ctftest in #warsow.pickup :)


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wdm2 skyportals are currently borked (wrong scissoring, I guess) [FIXED]
(updated 2012-02-04 15:34:30)

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Thanks for the important rules Mokshu.

Clipping Design
(updated 2012-01-20 20:46:31)

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GPFS Franchise, Inc. has been approved by California Department of Corporations to start the sale of Best Franchises


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Only more thing they need is emotions.
Teach them some Finnish rage á la crizis maybe
(updated 2012-01-31 08:31:04)

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Heyya everyone, Warsow is new to DirtNap Gaming, and this thread will give you a little bit of information about DirtNap Gaming.

What is DirtNap Gaming?

DirtNap Gaming (DNG) is a multi-game clan/community of amazing people and players of all skill levels. DNG features many games, such as Minecraft, League of Legends, Battlefield 3, DotA 2, Star Wars, Starcraft 2, Playstation 3 games, Xbox games, and now Warsow. Members of DNG can enjoy fun games with over a thousand other members on our own servers and Teamspeak ( However, you can play on the DNG servers and use the DNG TS3 as a guest, without joining, although I highly think you should, you won't regret it :)

How do I join?

DNG is free to join without tryouts, just submit an application at

All that we ask is that if you join DNG to change your clan tag in game to DN and to be nice to other players and most importantly, have fun.

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Creating your business page

Go to your home page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘advertising'.
Click on ‘pages'Click on ‘create a page'

Click on ‘local business'

Type name for your business

Check the ‘official representative' box

Click on ‘create official page'

Step 2

Adding your flash object

This is what you will see when you have clicked on ‘create official page'

Click on ‘edit page'

On the ‘edit page' scroll down to the bottom where you will find ‘more applications' and click on ‘browse more'
On the applications page, type ‘FBML' into the search box and hit enterClick on 'static FBML'Click on ‘add to my pageClick on ‘add to page' next to your page name

Click on ‘close'

Return to your homepage, scroll to the bottom, click on ‘advertising, click on pages and click on ‘manage pages'

Click on ‘edit page' under your page name.

the ‘FBML' tab and click on ‘edit'

Name your application, paste the script into the box provided, and click on 'save changes'.

Click on ‘edit'

Your window should look like this after clicking on ‘add' next to the tab field.

Click on ‘okay'

Refresh the page by hitting F5 on your keyboard.

Step 3

When people visit your business page, they should not land on the wall. They should land on a specified landing page, which in this case, will be the flash application you have just added.

Maryke - About the Author:

Maryke van Rensburg is a website designer and specializes in Online marketing.

Who is looking at my profile application on facebook ?
Who is viewing your facebook profile application?
I just migrated my facebook profile into a page. But that was just a test. How can I get my regular profile back?

Facebook FBML page: Inception

There is a special language of interface marking for applications Facebook FBML (Facebook Markup Language Fundamentals), which is a sort of XHTML-marking. An author has an opportunity to use ready elements of Facebook interface. In other words, some important functions which are used often are made a separate code with a help of which we can create facebook FBML page or application
By: Pavlushkal Computers> Programmingl Aug 11, 2011
What Are the Differences Between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Fan Page?

Three years ago, search engine marketing is the hottest trend in online marketing. Today, social media is on everyone's lips. When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is one of the most popular marketing methods. Other than using the Facebook social ads to advertise your business, pages and groups stand out as 2 of the most effective methods to build brand awareness. A group is still the traditional way to build a community an
By: hoopii partenl Internet> Internet Marketingl Oct 30, 2010
Whats best? facebook groups, pages or events?

There has never been a social platform that has offered such a powerful marketing opportunity. Get your business's word out and the people in!
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Facebook Applications – How they increase the visibility of your facebook profile

Facebook Applications is one of the key features of facebook and people are becoming passionate to it more than other social networking sites due to its various applications.
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How to Creat a Facebook Page for a Business without Hiring an App Developer

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Roses Mark
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By: Roses Markl Internet> SMOl Sep 17, 2011
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It has been so wonderful for me to wake up every day, embrace the warmth of the sun and drink up my coffee. But it has always been so great to make necklaces and always finding someone so special to wear it and make it so worthy.

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