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Crashes no moar (almost...)
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*ATTENTION WALL (of text...)

Well i'm not such an expert (not a good start indeed), so any tech advice is well accepted here, but finally i manage to have no crash in a w§w gaming session (Ok sometimes it crashes when i launch the game, but it works after cleaning the cache folder, still trying to fix that... not a better following at all).
So i want to share my steps, hoping i can help someone else, even though this could work only in my case.

1st my 12 yo battlestation specs:
[spoiler]win xp sp3 (i know...)
biostar ideq330p (nForce4 / socket 939)
amd athlon 64 x2 4600+ Manchester @ 2580 mhz
2gb dual channel ram ddr500 mushkin redline
ati hd 7750 1gb gddr5 (Catalyst 13.12; all 3d settings on application controlled, Catalyst AI on High and Surface Optimization ON, Vsync Inactive unless application specified, Triple Buffer Off)
ok some hw is younger... and i had to replace some capacitors a couple of times but still alive and kicking.[/spoiler]

You should make a bckp of your cfg or at least a cfg. (stop scrolling weapons with mouse wheel)

I always had several annoying crashes to desktop while loading map or changing server. The most of them about opengl errors(atioglxx.dll, ref_gl_x86.dll).

After i saw that the background loading threads were raised to 4 in new w§w version I added this to my autoexec.cfg:
sys_affinity 1100
it seems to work better than sys_affinity 11 with my old 2 cores / 2 threads cpu.

Even if i don't use Vsync (r_swapinterval 0), i put my video refresh rate in my cfg:
seta vid_displayfrequency "60"

Less crashes but still present.

I read somewhere about other games crashing for opengl extensions not working well with their engines. Many of them were based on quake engines.
The fix was to limit the opengl extensions with atiogl.xml (ati opengl profiles in WINDOWS directory).
If you have new amd driver or a nvidia gpu you probably don't have this file so you can just jump this step.
So i took the quake III team arena profile as model and i added this in atiogl.xml (after the ut2004 profile but this is not important...):

<!-- Warsow -->
<profile exename="warsow_x86.exe">

Looking wich extensions were missing in w§w with gfxinfo i set them in my cfg:
seta gl_ext_compressed_ETC1_RGB8_texture "0"
seta gl_ext_ES3_compatibility "0"
seta gl_ext_get_program_binary "0"
seta gl_ext_gpu_shader5 "0"

(This last step should work for who hasn't atiogl.xml file)

And no crashes up to now... crossing fingers. (what a poor closing)

See you in game. Play more Warsow.

(updated 2017-09-11 20:19:13)

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