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Ultralow config for max FPS

posted by adem

2017-05-11 12:58:35
Hi Warsowians!

It's time to share the secret config that may improve overall perfomance and gameplay experience. Here is the console trick:

/writeconfig backup saves config backup
/exec configs/ultralow magic is here
/cl_maxfps 500 client side frame rate
/r_maxfps 500 renderer FPS



If you don't like the changes you can simply revert them by:
/exec backup

HF guys!

6yo VOD of KeRpaL vs reLoad @ Jehar

posted by adem

2016-12-24 02:38:12
Following my previous post I'd like to make another Christmas present. This is one of my favorite VODs with epic battle of two famouse Warsow duelers - reLoad and KeRpaL, and outstanding casting by from Jehar. It had happened 6 years ago, during the Christmas Cup right before the 0.6 version release. KeRpaL had 1-0 map score advantage as he came from Winners bracket.

Originally it has only 480p with 30 fps. But I decided to improve it and to share it via YouTube for the community. After using frame interpolation script from SVP and applying some VirtualDub filters VOD got a bit better. So in result video has 720p @ 60 fps, which you can see below. Have a nice watching!

P.S. Also during the new year holidays I'm going to share some old and (may be) forgotten Warsow movies on this channel which I still has access on. Those videos are going to be improved in the same way as the one above! So don't forget to subscribe :b

Unofficial patches for HUDs & translations

posted by adem

2016-12-24 01:46:59
Unofficial patches provide some minor fixes and improvements for the game localization and default HUDs.

Download pk3s:
HUDs patch v001 (changelog)
L10n patch v001 (changelog)

Feel free to post your feedback here in this thread. You can help to improve translation by using Transifex.

Saturday Duel Cup #5

posted by Vic

2015-12-04 00:04:50

Time: 12.12 18:00 CET
Prize: 20 USD
Maps: wdm5 wdm6 wdm10 wdm15 wdm17
Sign Up: click!

Hide and Seek Gametype

posted by sk0r

2015-04-12 22:18:07
Hallo guys!

I haven't been active here very much, but I play Warsow since 2009 and it's one of my favorite games.

In my opinion this game is especially suited for a Hide and Seek game mode and I wonder that there haven't been such a gametype before seemingly (I didn't find any). But fortunately I'm a coder (and this is not the first Warsow related project from me :p), so I can make that myself and thus I did and now contribute it to the community.

Official forum thread:
[GT] Hide and Seek

Feedback is appreciated:
Please post any related suggestions/ideas concerning the gametype in the official release thread.

Wanna check it out? Public server: .: Hide and Seek | 24/7 | #warsow.hidenseek :.

There is also an IRC channel on Quakenet as indicated above:

Have fun playing. :)

sk0r / Czybik

Poll - Best looking weapon

posted by adem

2015-03-13 18:39:47
Guys, just want to know community opinion - Which weapon is the best looking one? It doesn't mean the weapon which you like to shoot from or to pick it up often, but the the most beautiful one, which you like to see on your screen.


My vote - LG, because it looks like the most futuristic and cyberpunkish one. Also it has nice animated middle part.

P.S. In 0.2 it was Riotgun ofc.

RR: XMAS Duel Cup on 21st December - Ho, ho, ho !

posted by KeRpaL

2014-11-18 17:24:48

After recent cup-storm by me I decided to take a break with cups as I thought that could be too much for such tiny scene, but now, I'm here to announce you, a month ahead, XMAS Duel Cup that will take place on 21st December, that's gonna be the last cup of the year propably. I hope to see many new and old faces in this one, hopefully most of you will have free-time by this time and will be able to play and watch. I'll try to get stream by Jehar this time for sure for maximum quality cup.

Day&Time: 21st December, check-in: 14:30-15:00, start: 15:00 GMT+1 - (Warsaw/Berlin/Paris time)
Format: Double Elemination Brackets BO3, Grandfinal BO5 with 1:0 advantage for WB Final winner

Map picking: pick-pick-drop-drop-pick.

Map pool:

SIGN UP !!!!!!! CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGN UP !!!!!!!

*if you get any problems signing up with captcha, contact me on IRC, I will add you myself.

IRC: #KeRpaL @ QuakeNet
Stream: TBA
Prize: TBA

This cup has 5 maps so maybe lower-skilled players won't scared they are not good on all 7.
No prizemoney announced yet, if I get donations I will announce.

have fun and good luck everyone !!!
sign up and share a good news !!!
announce it on IRC topics/tell your friends.
UNITE ! Show da real power of Warsow, show that it's love and peace. Let's make it a big thing guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


posted by KeRpaL

2014-09-23 12:32:08


I'm happy to present you a Duel League. League will have 3* divisions with varied skill level of players signed up in each division(high, advanced, low). Players sign-up to main list, then they are put to a particular division based on their skills and experience in Duel. The main point of the league is to give less experienced/skilled players chance to compete against as much as possible equally skilled players and also provide high-skilled matches for veterans of the game. This is an experimental thing but I still have hope we won't have many walkovers and the league and stuff I'll do towards making it interesing (interviews with players, asking players for pre/after match comments, asking another warsow players about matches/groups/league opinions/having stream) will make it entertaining and both players and spectators will enjoy it.
*might be more dependant on how skillwise varied players are going to sign up. (maybe beginner too)
2. Format:

Group phase with 4 players in each*. Best two players in each group advance to Final Phase with Single Elemination brackets. All games are played in Best of Five system.

1st match: from 5th to 12th October.
2nd match: from 12th to 19th October.
3rd match: from 19th to 26th October.
Final phase: 2nd November - 14:30 CEST.

Sign-ups are open** from now till 5th October. CLICK ! :)

* ammount of groups will be dependant on ammount of signed up players.
** If you have problem signing up (some people get captcha error) contact me @ IRC /q KeRpaL or private message on forums.
- If you are more than 20 minutes late it means that you automatically loose. If you have problems making it, make sure to talk with the oponent to set a new date in time. If your oponent doesn't show up, report it to an admin.
- Before playing your match please contact with an admin.* (tell me the date of the match so I will try to get a stream)

3. Map pool:

| wdm2 | wdm6 | wdm10 | wdm12 | wdm14 |wdm15 | wdm17 |
Map picking: drop-drop-pick-pick-pick-pick-pick
Cointoss winner drops first.

4. Reporting scores

Players must take screenshots and save demos and send them to:

5. Contact
- Idle #KeRpaL @ QuakeNet during the league for better communication.

6. Stream & Shoutcasting
TBA - I'll ask Jehar&Inane or medve for providing stream.

OBS Studio (streaming from Linux)

posted by adem

2014-09-17 15:33:59
Hello Linux guys, good news for some of you who would like to start streaming from your favorite Linux distro:
OBS Studio is a rewrite of the OBS recording and live streaming software that is currently in the early stages, but it's already very useful. It's a popular bit of kit a lot of Windows gamers use to stream their games and the rewrite OBS Studio works on Linux.

Mesa drivers currently aren't supported until we do a minor overhaul of the shader subsystem. Right now only proprietary drivers are working properly.

So let me explain you how to install it on Ubuntu 14.04/Mint. Basicly you'll need to add 2 custom repos which contain obs studio itself and fresh ffmpeg:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kirillshkrogalev/ffmpeg-next
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg obs-studio

If you want to try it on other distros, follow the guide as described here.

I'm not going to describe setting up process, since OBS studio looks and feels the same as standard OBS for Windows and there are tons of guides all other the internetz. Basicly this one should help.

But since OBS Studio is in the early stages of development, you might meet some troubles or unfortunate circumstances. I'll try to share some useful tips from my experience:

1) Bad perfomance/low fps while streaming:
- Settings - Output - Advanced Encoding Settings - x264 CPU Preset - Change preset to the faster one (like from "veryfast" to "superfast" or higher)
- Try lower settings for output video: less resolution, less bitrate.

2) Incorrect colours on Video after adding window as a source: go to the source's Properties and check "Swap red and blue"

3) Audio and video out of sync: unfortunately there is no 100% way to fix it, but i'll explain what helped me (but didn't help to my pal).
- disable any device in Settings - Audio.
- add manually as a source to the scene: Audio Output Capture (for game/desktop/mumble/skype sounds), Audio Input Capture (for microphone sounds).

4) Do not use "Start Recording", otherwise you will get really slow PC.

5) If you're going to stream arena FPS or any sort of fast game, it is better to use higher FPS for the output video, like 50 or 60, so your stream would look smoother for your viewers:
- Video - change "Common FPS Values" to "Integer...", and set the value manually.

6) If you are going to stream Warsow, you'll might need use Alt-Tab. There is a patch to make it working on Linux binaries.

Feel free to share your experience of using OBS Studio on Linux. But if you want to ask questions or report a problem, there is a proper place for it:

P.S. Oh, and I've got a test video of my not-stream-at-all :D

Broken Servers - Admins please read here!

posted by adem

2014-06-27 08:41:14
Since we've got a lot of reports about broken textures (one, two, three), I've decided to make this topic. This problem comes from the servers which shares 1.0 modules & pk3s. It happens because of admins who installed 1.5 over 1.0.


Here is a list of such servers with admins' names:

Admin: (fixed!) [CA] FunServer by DNW [TDM] FunServer by DNW

Admin: Adhe (contacted, waiting for the fix) Tissue Box

Admin: <NA> liquorix CA / US East

Admin: <NA> warsow server

Admin: Xiodine (fixed!) :: Casual CTF Ranked :: Clan Arena wca1 :: Clan Arena wca2 :: Duel Arena 1 :: Duel Arena 2 :: Duel Arena Ranked :: Instagib :: Instagib Ranked :: Noob only Bomb & Defuse :: Noob only DM :: Noob only FFA Large :: Slide

- Admins, if you read it, please fix your servers by making clear reinstallation!

- Players, if you know those admins, please spam them to force to fix their servers.

- And let me know if you find any other broken servers.

P.S. Unfortunatly we, devs, can't fix it nor blacklist those servers.


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